The Photography of Evano Gucciardo

by Michael Satterfield

New York based photographer Evano Gucciardo has made a name for himself in the world of commercial and editorial automotive photography for clients like Porsche, Acura, Rotiform Wheels, Superstreet, and many more. Like many automotive enthuists Evano's passion for cars started when he was young:

"(Growing up) My closet doors were full of car photos and car builds from some of my favorite magazines at the time. I quickly started following photographers work even more so then the magazines I was into at the time. I was quickly figuring out I wanted to be apart of the creation and the art side of the Automotive industry."

What started out as a passion with a Sony point and shoot has turned into a career in the automotive industry that allows Evano to pursue his two passions, cars, and photography. Today Evano works as a freelance photographer and retoucher, as well as dabbling in social media with some great YouTube videos that show the process of creating his amazing works of automotive art.

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