Five Ways to Upgrade Your Space

Keeping up with, work, social life, family and friends can be daunting and your home should not just be a place to change clothes and sleep, but a place where you can recharge and relax. With my commercial building project and hectic travel schedule here is how I have made my home feel more like a retreat. 

1. Automate: 

With smart home technology getting better and more affordable automating some basic tasks can free up time and reduce stress. The Husqvarna Automower has been up and running for a few months now and it keeps the yard mowed automatically. Inside, the Shark ION Robot Vacuum keeps the floors clean and has cut down on the number of times the big vacuum has to come out. Even just adding the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Home to control other smart home features like lights, TVs, thermostat, and the security system, giving you control via one app, or just saying "Hey Google."

2. Add Real Plants:

Plants not only add color and drama to a space, but studies have shown that they not only decrease stress, but also improve the air quality in your home. and according to Texas A&M, “Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.” So if you work from home like I am right now, having some plants can boost productivity and performance. If you don't have time to shop at your local home center, my plants came from Costa Farms, who can have live plants delivered directly to your door.

3. Reduce Clutter:

I moved twice in the last two years and I have to say that each time I moved I found more and more stuff I just didn't need. Reducing clutter doesn't only make the space in your home more useable, but according to Psychology Today decluttering can reduce anxiety and boost confidence. You may also be able to recover some of the money you spent on items you don't need/use, or donate them to a charity for a tax write off.

4. Art

Adding art to your home not only reflect your style and personal taste but, according to research conducted in Norway, being around art correlates to better overall health and lower rates of depression. Art is also a great way to remind yourself of your travels, favorite places, or events.
I have several unique pieces in my own collection including a work by Lauren Over that I commissioned, but adding art to your home doesn't always need to be expensive. I also have pieces from artists like Marian Nixon and Arthur Schening who offer prints starting at under $50.

5. Create and Outdoor Space

Creating a retreat in your backyard can make any evening at home a little staycation. Even working from home can be more relaxing when you are doing it out in the fresh air. If you are renting building a pergola or outdoor kitchen isn't going to be on the agenda, but adding umbrellas, a chimineas, and a stand-alone bbq can get the job done.

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