Interview with Actor & Model Robert Shearn III

by Michael Satterfield

Robert Shearn III is a model and actor known for Celebrity Watch Party on Foxtv, Police Officer on For My Man on TVOne, Louis Armstrong on Mysteries At The Museum, Brooklyn in the Summer music video by Grammy Nominated Singer Aloe Blacc, and has competed in the Mr. Mature America Pageant. I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his work, his recent appearance on reality TV show on TLC, and how he is dealing with 2020.

Michael Satterfield: How long have you been acting and where did you get your start? Is it something you always wanted to do or did it develop later in life?                 

Robert Shearn: I never imagined being an actor when I was young. Later in life, I became a Nude & Costumed Figure Model. That lead to me landing photoshoots, magazine features, and runway shows. In 2010 I had the opportunity to be on the set of Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I worked on developing acting after that.     

Michael Satterfield: What role would you say really stands out for you?             

Robert Shearn: The role that really stands out for me is being an Actor as Louis Armstrong. It was an honor to play Louis Armstrong, nicknamed "Satchmo" who was an American trumpeter, composer, vocalist, and actor who was one of the most influential entertainers in the world. With hits like "What A Wonderful World" and "Hello Dolly".  Louis Armstrong is also known as a Civil Rights Activist and for integrating schools in Little Rock, AR.   

Michael Satterfield: You have done some print work, and art modeling, but you also have competed in a pageant. What is Mr. Mature America? Do you plan on going back again?                             

Robert Shearn: Mr. Mature America is a Pageant that celebrates the achievements of Senior Men. I'm glad to be the first African American Senior Man to participate as a Contestant. It was a great experience being interviewed on stage by the Emcee Barbara Eden, the Star of the 70's hit TV show I Dream Of Jeannie. Someone I watched on TV when I was a little boy and still watch the reruns. I got fulfillment from it my first time I don't foresee being a future contestant.               

Michael Satterfield: You’ve been cast as a police officer, detective, ATF agent, did you go out for those roles or is it just the happenstance of casting?                     

Robert Shearn: All the Law Enforcement Roles I obtained as an actor are roles I had an interest in and pursued like Police Officer in For My Man on TVOne and ATF Special Agent in Thou Shalt Not on TVOne.

Michael Satterfield: 2020 has been a crazy year, how has it affected productions? How are you holding up with all that 2020 has sent our way?                                                 

Robert Shearn: Major Productions came to a halt and some productions are filmed virtually now. I thank God for keeping me and bringing me through all that 2020 has brought our way. I follow CDC guidelines and recommendations by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing my hands. My social activities around people are very limited. With our country having the highest cases of Covid-19 in the world all citizens should be mandated to follow those rules as the standard and take it more seriously. Unless they have proven breathing/health issues. The leadership should be setting a good example and not continuously giving misinformation. If the leadership in this country cared about the citizens they should contact other countries that are in control of the coronavirus with low cases and deaths to learn from them to stop the spread.   Politics is not fixing the issue and the country is suffering because of it.                                                                   

With the protesting its been amazing to see all different races joined together in Black Lives Matter protests and to see the movement throughout the world. Black Lives have been suffering from racism and corruption for decades behind the scenes. We shouldn't still be going through division and racism in this country that's why it's called the United States of America and we should all be united as one. Let's have better leadership with more caring and justice towards every life not just certain ones. It's very important everyone go out and vote. It's your civic duty. Don't make up any excuses not to vote. Even if you don't like the presidential candidates. Just vote.   

Michael Satterfield: Since you have also done reality TV recently, compared to scripted acting what do you prefer?

Robert Shearn: I prefer scripted characters because its fun acting like someone that's not you and to bring a character to life. At first, it was hard to do the reality-documentary "My Feet Are Killing Me" on TLC because I had to share things about myself to the world that everyone didn't know. Afterward, it felt good living in my truth and I was surprised that it was such an overwhelming response from the viewers. Most of it was good. 

Michael Satterfield: Do you currently have any projects on the horizon or coming out editing soon?

Robert Shearn: Coming soon. I'm a Detective on Season 2 Episode 4 in the Roman Polanski case of Geraldo Riveras Murder In The Family on Reelz Channel. It's a show that Geraldo Rivera digs deep into for some of the darkest hours in celebrities' lives, from the moment they lose family members to murders or when they commit crimes. Also, you can see me now on episode 5 of Celebrity Watch Party on or OnDemand with Tyra Banks, Ravin Symone, Kelly, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Lindsay Lohan, Curtis Stone, and Reggie Bush.             

Michael Satterfield: Let’s pivot a little toward your work with youth. You have used your platform to motivate and speak to young people in the community. What is the one take away you want young people to take away from your message?                                           

Robert Shearn: My message to youth is you can do whatever you want to do in life. Don't let anyone be a distraction to you that says you cant. Put your dreams to life by working hard, being consistent, and never giving up.   

Michael Satterfield: What is next for you?                           

Robert Shearn: I'm looking forward to being honored with a Spiral Award in Philadelphia, PA for Standout Performance and Recognition in the Industry.     

Michael Satterfield: Thanks so much for taking the time, where is the best place for people to follow you?                         

Robert Shearn:
Instagram: @robertshearn111.           
Twitter: @rhshearn.                               
Facebook Fan Page: Robert Shearn III