All Electric Ace

by Michael Satterfield

There are few cars as iconic as the original Cobra, one of the most reproduced cars of all time, with a reputation stretching back decades. AC the original manufacturer of the AC Ace the car that would become the Shelby Cobra is still around, and they have just released their latest version of the iconic Cobra, an all-electric version, and a turbocharged four-cylinder.

AC Cobra Series 1 Electric is a limited edition zero-emission Cobra and is the first electrified AC car ever. Limited to just 58 cars in a hat-tip to the 58 years since the production of the first AC Cobra in 1962. Visually the AC Cobra Series 1 is identical to the original slab side Cobra, only in place of the Ford small block is a 230 kW electric motor which will take the little roadster from 0-62 mph in 6.7 seconds, just about a second slower than the original V8 according to period testing by Motortrend, but it more than doubles that of a Tesla Model 3.

Under the fiberglass skin, the car also includes an upgraded chassis which according to AC "provide (the) ultimate 2020 standards of ride and handling which do not compromise the 1962 style." With an estimated 150 miles of range, don't plan on using this one for grand touring. The Series 1 Electric will be offered in blue, black, white, or green with deliveries starting in the last quarter of 2020. All of this vintage style wrapped around an electric motor will set you back nearly $172,000.

Our long saga reflects the many challenges of making sports cars in low volumes in the modern world. But, over the years, our belief in the brand has been sustained by the loyalty and support of AC Cobra owners worldwide. Their faith has given us the motivation to keep on striving to give AC a future – and with these superb new products, engineered not just for today but for tomorrow, I am convinced we have given AC a bright future.
Alan Lubinsky, Chief Executive of AC Cars. 

The AC Cobra 140 Charter Edition is the car that is a little more practical and a lot less money, following the original Cobra formula of a small Ford engine inserted into a small British car. This time instead of a 289 Ford's latest EcoBoost 2.3-liter four-cylinder lives under the hood and produces 350 bhp. It shares the same body and improved chassis of the electric Cobra and is offered in a wider array of colors, plus it is around $67,000 cheaper than the electric car and won't produce the range anxiety. AC is offering a  launch version of 58 "Charter Edition" cars and deliveries will also start in the last quarter of 2020 for European and UK customers.

It is unclear on if AC will offer cars in the US. But you can learn more at