Yema Meca-Quartz Rallygraf

Yema Rallygraf
by Michael Satterfield - 01/23/2023

Yema has released images of its latest version of the iconic Rallygraf in five color combinations powered by a hybrid Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement. With a similar look to the much more expensive Rallye and Speedgraf the new Rallygraf comes in at just $369 with a leather strap and $399 with a steel mesh bracelet. Offered in two black and white versions, as well as blue, green, and dark red. It features a mineral crystal, super-luminova BGW9 on the hands and hour markers, and a tachymeter bezel. 

The Seiko VK64 mechanical-quartz caliber uses a standard quartz movement for the watch's main functions while the choreograph function is controlled by a mechanical module that gives the smooth sweeping second-hand movement usually seen in automatic movements. 

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz

While I haven't had my hands on one yet, for the price point it seems like they could have offered a better crystal or a proper sports bracelet. The Seiko SSB397 Chronograph offers all the same features on a stainless steel bracelet for $285 and that is just one of your choices from Seiko. The VK64 mechanical quartz caliber is found in a number of fashion watches including the Dan Henry 1937 Chronograph which are priced a full $100 less than the Yema. For automotive enthusiasts Yema has a storied history with legends like Mario Andretti wearing a Yema Rallye chronograph while he raced in the 1969 Indy 500, this new Rallygraf offers a similar look as the more expensive Speedgraf for vintage motorsports fans. 

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz

The new Rallygraf Meac-Quartz officially launches on January, 31st, 2023 for more information or to place an order visit