Cremo Palo Santo: The Ultimate Groceries Store Grooming Gear

Cremo Palo Santo: The Ultimate Groceries Store Grooming Gear

by Michael Satterfield - 04/03/2024

I have had a chance to try a lot of amazing grooming products; brands are always sending samples to The Gentleman Racer offices in the hopes that we will review them. Over the years, there have been some clear winners, but many of those boutique brands I really liked aren't around anymore. House 99, By David Beckham, is a prime example; not only did I love the product, but so did everyone else in the office, and once we ran out, we all became customers, but it was just sold about a year before it vanished from store shelves.

We have also done activations with Dove Men, Suave Men, and a few dozen other grooming supply brands over the years. These brands, which can be bought at your local grocery store, have always lacked the quality and feel of the more expensive luxury products. They get the job done, but if you have ever tried a brand like Clinique Men or Kiehl's you understand the difference, but while many brands may list your local Ulta as stocking their products, you often find they don't carry the men's line. 

Enter the Cremo Reserve Collection, available nearly everywhere, including Walmart. I ran across it while doing my usual shopping and noticed that the packaging stood out from the standard Cermo lineup. So I purchased the bar of soap, body wash, 2-in-1 shampoo, and shaving cream, and I even picked up their "Barber Grade Razor." I chose the Palo Santo scent, but they offer four others. 

Cremo Palo Santo: The Ultimate Groceries Store Grooming Gear

This is not a sponsored post; all products were purchased by The Gentleman Racer for evaluation. 

What I bought: 

$8.49    Cremo Reserve Shave Cream   

So, not counting the razor, I spent $33.96 on products. Getting the same products from Kiehl's would cost over $140. 

After doing some research, I was surprised to see that Cremo Palo Santo is made (mostly) from natural ingredients, including palo santo, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Some products like body wash have ingredients like "PEG-150 Distearate" and "Phenoxyethanol," but they seem standard in shampoo and body wash. Apparently, Palo Santo is a type of wood that is known for its healing properties. It has been used for centuries in Latin America for its medicinal benefits. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Jojoba oil is another natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps soothe the skin.

The ingredients for sure, make a difference in how you feel after you get out of the shower, not just clean and refreshed, but they don't leave any residue or film like some other big box store brands can. I was surprised with the quality at this price point of the Cremo Palo Santo; if it was a blind test and you told me these were products from major brands like Kérastase or Philip B. I would believe you. After a few weeks of I would suggest adding Cremo's Reserve Collection to your list. 

Cremo Palo Santo: The Ultimate Groceries Store Grooming Gear

Now for the Razor, at $17.99, it is a fantastic value; again, the quality and feel of holding it in your hand strikes me as a much more expensive product. If you want to be extra fancy, the Tortis Handle adds a little more drama to your daily routine. It has five blades and no gimmicks like pivoting heads or vibrating handles. In my opinion, it offers a better feel than Harry's and is smoother than many of the premium single-blade safety razors that seem to be gaining popularity again.