A new spin on Automotive Lighting

3:47:00 PM

by Michael Satterfield

Joseph Wislar started Futility Studios out of his love of vintage vehicles, he can generally be found tinkering on a classic cars. But you can't live in the Garage all the time, so Joe decided to find a way to bring the things he loved inside. Working almost exclusively with vintage car and motorcycle parts and industrial equipment he turns these discarded relics into functional art for the home.

So what's with the name "Futility Studios?"Joe got it from a fortune cookie... His fortune read "One day you will realize how futile your life really is."

Each piece is unique and built out of upcycled vintage parts and few choice new ones to create new ways of looking at that old crate of parts in the back of the garage. You can see more of Joe's work on his website HERE or you shop is current collection on his Etsy Shop

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