Transforming Spaces with Wallpaper

Transforming Spaces with Wallpaper

by Michael Satterfield -07/06-2021

Making a house a home is always hard, especially if you are newlyweds attempting to merge two styles into one. Sacrifices were made on both sides (my vintage smoking hobo lamp didn't make the cut), but in the end pulling from our combined love of travel, the Southwest, and eclectic style we have started to pull some of the rooms in the house together. 

Most track homes are blank slates, and our home was no exception, the monochromatic wall color, basic fixtures, and an overall lack of drama. While we had done many builder upgrades in the kitchen and bathrooms, the bedrooms were fairly basic. Our bedroom was inspired by one of my favorite cities in the world, Santa Fe, New Mexico. We started by selecting bedding from Dillards, which was a mix of cool blues, greys, and some pops of yellow. 

Transforming Spaces with Wallpaper

We then got in touch with Mayflower Wallpaper who offers some of the most unique wallpapers anywhere, we ended up going with the Maze Turquoise pattern, as the geometric pattern played well off the crosses patterns and colors of our bedding. The blues, greys, and subtitle gold shifted depending on how the light hit it. Expect to pay around $140 a roll which covers about 56 square feet. 

The process of wallpapering is a little more complex than one might imagine, firstly we had to have the wall floated and smoothed to remove the texture. This cost about $250, you can do it yourself, but why invest in special tools and spend several days figuring it out when you can simply hire a pro and get it done. Hanging wallpaper is also an art and while it can be done, there are several kinds of wallpaper, some that have adhesive activated by water, others require wallpaper paste, then there is peel-and-stick and vinyl wall art options.

Since this patter was repeating and being straight lines that would obviously show if it was crooked, we opted to bring in the professionals, who again, were able to complete the entire wall in just a few hours and had all of the tools and expertise to make sure the wallpaper was done perfectly. This cost just over $200.

Now that we had our focal wall, our bedding, and some new accessories, it was time to find a new headboard. We wanted something that would have a southwestern feel, and we had really liked the look of the headboards at a hotel we had spent part of our honeymoon at. After searching online, visiting dozens of major furniture stores we just didn't find anything that we really liked and that was of good quality. Eventually, we visited a custom furniture builder and importer in Navasota, Texas called AGÁPĒ Furniture where we found the perfect piece and were able to get it in just a few days. 
AGÁPĒ Furniture

After tracking down a metal bedframe, something that is much harder than you might think, I was able to put our new kingsize Lull Mattress, headboard, and bedding together for the first time. While we are still looking for some different side tables and a few other pieces for the bedroom, the wallpaper instantly transformed the space and made it feel more like ours.