Steve McQueen Summer Style

by Michael Satterfield

Steve McQueen was always a trendsetter, and the "King of Cool's" timeless style is still influencing men's style to this day. Brands like Persol, Baracuta, and Clarks owe a lot of their staying power to McQueen's enduring legacy of cool. If you are looking to add some classic style to your closet, here are my favorite picks from McQueen's wardrobe.

Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket

The G9 Herrington was first released in the 1930s and has been a menswear staple ever since, not only was the G9 a favorite of Steve McQueen but celebrities like James Dean, Frank Sinatra, and  Gregory Peck. Today you will spot style icons like Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, and Bradley Cooper in the classic Harrington. The G9 is the perfect weight for a cool morning or breezy summer night.
Priced around $390 they aren't cheap, but with over 85 years of production, you can find vintage versions in great shape for around $150.

Desert Boots

Chukka Boots or Desert Boots were a staple of McQueen's wardrobe, while the most popular versions are by Clarks, McQueen wore Sanders & Sanders’ he liked them so much they made their way onto the silver screen in both Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair. I personally wear Robert Wayne's Greyson boots (pictured above) which retail for $110.

Persol Sunglasses 

McQueen wore Persol 714 sunglasses, like his footwear, his Persols were worn both on and off-screen. Persol released a "Steve McQueen Edition" of the 714 in three colors that will set you back $480, the standard 714 retail for $320 so you pay a premium for the Steve McQueen name and a leather case. Persol has several other models that were similar to the 714, like the non-double-folding 649 which I wear often. I have found the best deals can be had by shopping at thrid party retail websites like Smart Buy where you can find genuine Persol frames for as little as $129. 

White Canvas Sneakers

There is a lot of debate about which sneakers McQueen wore, Jack Purcell Low Tops look pretty close, but so do the now discontinued Tretorn T56 Canvas but any classic white low tops will do. Depending on which brand you go with you can expect to spend between $30-$70.

Hanhart Pioneer TwinDicator

When most people think of Steve McQueen and watches most people think of the iconic Tag Heuer Monaco or the Rolex Submariner he was often seen in. But a watch fewer people know about, but one that Steve wore often, was his Hanhart 417. Hanhart produced these watches for the German Air Force during World War II and roughly only 500 of the original 417 were produced. While these rare watches can fetch upwards of $10,000 (depending on condition) Hanhart has reissued the Pioneer for around $3,000.

Classic Race & Moto Tees

From repping his friend and stuntman Bud Ekins' Triumph Dealership tee to just a solid color pocket tee, McQueen could often be found in pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. Dressed up or down, having a great selection of classic solid and select graphic tees should be on every guy's list. My licensed Gulf Racing collection with M&P Speed Shop is a great place to start. 

Driving Gloves

Of course, when you are piloting a Jaguar XKSS, Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, or a Porsche 911, you can pull off driving gloves. The point is driving gloves today are a statement and should only be worn when driving something very special, like a classic car. Check out my Spring & Summer Driving Gloves Guide to see the different styles and my personal favorites.